Proud Of Islam In Archipelago

Indonesia is known to the world as the country with the most Muslims in the world, even exceeding the countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Not surprisingly, Islamic culture is very strongly attached and synchronized with the culture of the archipelago.

The glimpse of the magnitude of Islamic culture in Indonesia itself can easily be done by visiting the Indonesian Islamic Art Museum in Lamongan, East Java.

The museum which is located in the Wahana Bahari Lamongan area on Jl Raya Paciran Lamongan, East Java, holds a collection of Islamic cultural objects from all over the archipelago and even from abroad.

Visitors can see the development of the archipelago’s Islamic history and the world in a comprehensive manner in the museum which is divided into several zones.

In the audio visual zone, visitors are presented with a screening of a 15-minute short film about the history of Islamic world civilization. Starting from the description of the Arabian Peninsula in the past, the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad, the Caliphate, to the spread of Islam to the corners of the world.

While the gallery zone of the Islamic kingdom, divided into seven main galleries, this Islamic museum presents a collection of historical objects from all over the archipelago and various parts of the world.

Collection of historical objects ranging from galleries of Ottoman Turkish relics, Mughal India, Chinese Dynasty, Pasai Sumatra Ocean, Aceh, Islamic Mataram and Wali Songo’s track record on Java.

In zone two, enter the glory of Islam. There is told how the Muslim journey itself became very large into Eastern Europe, one of the kingdoms as the Ottoman Empire of Turkey.

In the Diorama zone or usually called the photo spot area, there are various three-dimensional miniatures. Like the Cheng Ho Mosque and Ship, the Great Mosque of Banten, the Persian Shop and a picture of trade during the spread of Islam in Indonesia.

What is special, in this museum, visitors can also carry out self-portraits using augmented reality technology embedded in existing educational boards.

Visiting this museum, made us realize that it is not wrong if Indonesia is now seen as a great nation that is very Islamic in the eyes of the world’s Muslims, want to be a witness of the greatness of Islamic Nusantara?